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Shrine Kimonos


Where: Haruki Izakaya, 515 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850


When: Saturday, June 3, 12-2pm

Enjoy a traditional bento box lunch and cocktail while you learn to wear kimono.

In this two-hour event at Haruki Izakaya in Norwalk, CT, you can experience wearing a type of traditional cotton summer kimono called yukata. A bento box lunch and cocktail are included with your $38 ticket.

You are encouraged to bring your own yukata or kimono if you have one! Please arrive between 12 and 12:30pm. Free parking is available in the adjacent parking garage. 


A History & Demonstration

The Japan Society of Fairfield County is proud to give this hour long presentation on “A Year in Kimono”, which starts with the history of kimono from its origins to modern day fashion. It will then be followed by a dressing workshop. Participants will get to experience dressing themselves in yukata, the cotton summer kimono popular at festivals and celebrations. Robyn Mortiboys of Sono Kimono, and secretary of JSFC, will be leading this fun and interactive presentation.

Red Flower Kimono
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